Shipping Questions:

How long does shipping take? Free Standard Shipping will take 15-45 days to be delivered to your provided address. It is dependent on your location from our warehouses. Express Shipping is available at a fee.

Do you ship international? Yes. 

Can I change the address of my order after payment? Our orders are processed within 24 hours of being ordered, so we aren't able to guarantee address changes after the product is purchased. However, you are welcome to email us and we will do our best to accommodate. See our contact page to submit a request.

I ordered multiple different products at one time and I have not received them. What is going on? If you make an order consisting of different products, they might be shipped out separately depending on which one of our warehouses stocks the item. Don't worry, everything you ordered will arrive!

What if my product gets damaged during shipment? If your product is damaged on arrival, we can send you a replacement. To initiate the replacement process, please take a picture of the damaged product and send the picture to us so we process your replacement. Pictures and replacement requests can be submitted here.

I have different shipping questions. Please submit your question on our contact page.




About Dog Hug

What services does Dog Hug provide? We find and sell products that dog-lovers, like us, enjoy. 

How do you choose what products to sell? We review products based on quality, reviews, and personal interest in the products. We don't sell any products that we don't love ourselves.

How do I get my product featured on Dog Hug? Contact us for any questions regarding getting your product in our store by visiting our contact page.